My name is Stella  and I am happy to introduce Ancila Candles  and myself to you. I was raised by two amazing woman  who loved to create, my mother is an artist who loved to paint and teach others and my grandma would  dabbled in various crafts, including the art of candle making. Inspired by my childhood where we made a lot of candles for our church and community, I started creating scented candles and diffuser fragrances .

after working for 4 years, I wished  to bring my knowledge into some use and build my brand of scented candles and fragrances  as I believe that the sense of smell is intrinsically tied to moods, thoughts and memories, We created our initial collection of fragrances inspired by some of our best memories and important periods in our lives.

We want to share our delightful scent with as many people as possible. We also want individuals who enter a home with one of our Ancila candles to be left with a lasting memory.through the door.